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Fresh Baked Pies

Little Rock Farm offers a variety of fresh baked pies in both 10″ and individual sizes. These delicious fruit pies are available at Cronigs Market, Stop & Shop Vineyard Haven, Edgartown Meat and Fish and Net Result. Come visit us at the West Tisbury Farmers Market for a fully stocked selection.



cropped-granola-lrf1.jpgVineyard Sunshine Granola

Our Vineyard Sunshine Granola is a favorite among many. You can find it at most of our retailers such as Cronigs, Stop & Shop, Alleys General Store and Waterside Market.



Butter Cream Frosted Cupcakes

You can find our eloquent cupcakes at Cronigs Market and at our booth at the Farmers Market. Sold in both 4 packs and singles. Special holiday designs make for a great gift.



LRF Soups

Little Rock Farm Soups

Want real homemade Vineyard Clam Chowda? With over 27 different soups LRF keeps the island full with only the freshest ingredients. Find our soups at Cronigs Market and Stop & Shop.





Bread and Butter Pickles

You must try this old family Recipe. Debbies caned pickles go great on a sandwhich or your next crakers and cheese platter.






Fresh out of the oven Ham and Cheese and Spinach Croissants

Fresh out of the oven Ham & Cheese and Spinach & Feta Croissants

Baked Goods

Croissants, Muffins, Scones, Coffee Cake, Cookies, Brownies and More… Come find as at the West Tisbury Farmers market on Saturday and Wednesday and enjoy one of these treats with a Hot or Iced Coffee or a Paradise Iced Tea.