....How it all Began
Little Rock Farm really started a few years before there actually was a Little Rock Farm. Owner Debbie was 21 years old and the year was 1974. She and childhood best friend Jannis came up with the idea to sell pies at the first West Tisbury Farmer's Market. The night before their first market they stayed up all night baking 12 fresh fruit pies. The next morning they loaded up their pies in an old Ford Falcon station wagon and drove to the West Tisbury Agrigulture Hall (now the Grange Hall) . They sold their pies for $2.25-$2.50 and they were gone in the first hour! Fast forward a few years later Debbie meets Chef Peter while working at the Black Dog. They were married and eventually built a home on what is now Little Rock Farm. They have been creating food together for the West Tisbury Farmer's Market since 1982. 

Today Little Rock Farm is a family business operated by two generations providing Martha's Vineyard with fresh baked goods, award winning pies and catering services. 

Our Booth at the Farmer's Market in 1992